Everything I use to host, build, and optimize a WordPress website

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These are the tools that I use to host, build, and optimize my wordpress websites. If you’re like me, you’re not afraid to buy premium plugins/themes or invest in a solid infrastructure.

I didn’t start using all of these right all right away, but for every new site I build for myself or a client, these are the tools I use.





Analytics and Optimization


Cloudflare DNS

I use Cloudflare exclusively as my DNS (Domain name service) provider. The benefits they provide for protection and speed are awesome!

The way it works is you buy your domain (I use namecheap), then point the nameservers to cloudflare, then from cloudflare you point your A, and CNAME records to your hosting.


Amazon S3

Amazon S3 allows you to store static files in the cloud. It’s similar to Dropbox or Google Drive but can integrate much better with your website. Storing your assets (images) in the cloud relieves some of the strain from your server

Image result for amazon s3 logoHas a free tier but is very cheap after that



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